Thursday, 20 December 2012

Shining Bright Like a Diamond

she`s on the headlines everyday lately, if its not about Chris Brown its about the controversial pictures she uploads on her Twitter or Instagram account.

Rihanna, a 24 year old super duper cool musician who has just released her 7th heat song DIAMONDS is holidaying in her home Town Barbados.

Maybe all she needs is a little sun to get over her recent heart break.
Rihanna and her friend Melissa are staying in a luxury beach front villa in Barbados for a much needed vacation after her split from on-again, off-again boyfriend Chris Brown.

but one thing I like about Rihanna is that she`s a hard worker and a fashionista and knows how to party hard.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Tis Time to Relax

I havent written anything in two weeks.....and not that i dont have anything to write about but i guess its Fatigue or its the end of the year.

The body, mind and soul are exhausted at this time of the year, so I just want to sit, unwind and read a good book OH and also plan my holiday which is in January or first week of Feb......cant wait. Cape Town are you ready?

Monday, 3 December 2012


Handbags have been essential to fashion history ever since people have had something precious to carry around with them. one will also be shocked when finding out whats really inside a womans handbag.

Have also realised that new classics come and go but Dior, Gucci Hermes and Louis Vutton will still continue to be on top.

and ladies please if you spot someone with any of the classic handbags riding a Taxi not a metered taxi then you must know that its fake because there is no-way that one can own a classic handbag which is more that R10 000 and not afford her own car. XOXO