Thursday, 31 July 2014

Anaconda Mocked On IG

+Nicki Minaj  posted a picture for the upcoming single that showed herself wearing a pink thong bikini and squatting down to display her backside.


 Not long after Nicki debuted the “Anaconda” artwork it became a viral hit, garnering media attention as well as plenty of criticism for its risque nature. some accused her of photo shopping 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

OOPS!! Lindsay Lohan Falls

One thing I pray for when I attend events is that I do not fall or break a glass, anything that won’t embarrass me.

Lindsay Lohan attended a fancy movie event in Italy looking stunning in a glittery number and shoes all eyes were on her as usual as she strutted through the gala.

Later on she stumbled and fell and her security guard was quick to help her up but not before the paparazzi got a few shots of the awkward moment. She was red faced. LOL!

Somebody get me the hell out of here....Lol!


Friday, 11 July 2014

Lira the Beyonce of South Africa?

What does it take for a South African musician to be dubbed +Beyonce? Lebo Mathosa must be turning on her grave.

Last month Lira kicked off her first U.S tour and has appeared on a few american TV programmes.

Since then the South African soul singer has been referred to "Africa`s version of Beyonce" by American publications. Hhmmm I wonder how does Lira feel about this whole comparison. flattered maybe?

All I know is that Lira has multi-platinum albums under her belt, has a reputation of breaking the record charts, a list of achievements and her amazing talent but when it comes to dance moves we know +Beyonce can move Ya`ll and I have never seen Lira doing Kwasa Kwasa or Twalatsa.