Saturday, 14 November 2015

Beauty Insider Experience

I was very excited when I received an invite to attend the Beauty Insider event on Tuesday held at a rooftop in Katy`s Palace Bar in Sandton after some time of not attending any related industry events.

According to my experience,The event was a profit driven event since all the sponsors had stalls with speed points inside the venue where guests can test and buy their products, there was also a cash bar and the food was sold.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with that since all the guest received goodies bag on arrival and the beauty products are the ones on trend like your Morrocan Oil, pill up nail, +White Glo tooth paste, +ghd products and more, but they should have at least informed their guests to bring their bank cards or cash. Imagine being invited to an event and only to find out when you get there that you will be paying for everything including the food and drinks...
The Goodies Bag

Other than that,  the event`s ambiance was nice filled with fashionista, Bloggers and some familiar faces such as Sonia Booth who just launched a book called "How to Reinvent Yourself and Stay Relevant" yes that. This is the same woman who refused to be taken a picture at the same event and on the other hand is advising people on how to stay relevant. Claps Once....


Photo Credit: +hlezi motha 

Friday, 6 November 2015