Friday, 15 March 2013

Head Wraps / Doek

Head wraps come a long way, In my culture which is Zulu a married woman should wear a head wrap (Iduku) when she`s around her In-Laws to show respect.

Unlike in the old days were you could mostly see them on weddings, funerals, at church or at work, Lately head wraps have become fashion statements and are seen on the streets worn by +fashionistas, on fashion shows and by well known people on +TV and on .

Here are a few ordinary people and celebrities wearing head wraps:

Well even stylish +Men have been spotted with their +Head Wraps

I for one cannot wait for winter which is a month away, were Im gonna wrap my head with umpteen scarfs that I own.


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Vibey Long Street in Cape Town

When I arrived in +Cape Town I was extremely exhausted because of my long trip from Johannesburg, all I wanted was to arrive at +Long Street Back packers where I will be sleeping for the rest of my stay.
Me and a friend I met in Cape Town Loisa took a walk to +V&A Waterfront and from there we went to +Clifton, made a stop at an eatery and ended up in +Camps Bay 
These are South Africa`s First Four Nobel Peace Price Laureates, from left is Nkosi Albert Luthuli, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Former State President FW De Clerk and Former President Nelson Mandela they are situated at V&A Waterfront

Me and Loisa at an Eatery at the +SeaPoint

Me and +Loisa behind Lion`s Head

Keep Walking

Beautiful White Sands in +Clifton

This is the mountain that looks like a LION sitting down, Its called Lion`s Head

Sundowner in +CampsBay

I had a ball with the +Germans

Street Style Mercedes Benz FW

The +Mercedes-Benz Fashion week took a bow last week after it has brought SA Designers in one City +Johannesburg to bring us their latest summer collection.

+ELLE`s Style Reporter +Trevor Stuurman was at the event and he did what he does best that is capturing stylish fashionistas who were at the event.

Here`s what he captured

These are +TroublesomeKIDs and on the left its them again two months ago in Pretoria when I met them

Images: +ELLE Style Reporter +Trevor Stuurman