Friday, 11 July 2014

Lira the Beyonce of South Africa?

What does it take for a South African musician to be dubbed +Beyonce? Lebo Mathosa must be turning on her grave.

Last month Lira kicked off her first U.S tour and has appeared on a few american TV programmes.

Since then the South African soul singer has been referred to "Africa`s version of Beyonce" by American publications. Hhmmm I wonder how does Lira feel about this whole comparison. flattered maybe?

All I know is that Lira has multi-platinum albums under her belt, has a reputation of breaking the record charts, a list of achievements and her amazing talent but when it comes to dance moves we know +Beyonce can move Ya`ll and I have never seen Lira doing Kwasa Kwasa or Twalatsa.

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