Thursday, 8 January 2015

Happy 2015!!

It feels so good to write the first article of the year 2015… usually the first article is about the fantastic time we had during summer holidays leading to the New Year. 

I spent my short holiday in Durban`s leafy surburb called Overport. 

Overport is largely an Indian area, and has numerous mosques and temples, has numerous Halaal eating establishments and the distance to the beach is about 6km.

I spent the few days staying at +Hippo Hide Lodge Backpackers which caters for independent travelers at low costs and is dominated by tourists.

During my stay I met really nice people from +Cape Town and +GERMANY 

Well …… was raining since I arrived on the 30th and it rained till the 1st of January and that is when we saw the sun shine and did not waste any time and went straight to the beach.

My trip was short and sweet and I`m planning the next one as I write this article….

Happy New Year!!!

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