Monday, 28 September 2015

South African Artists Lack Realism

I read +Times LIVE this morning and came across a headline which reads " DJ Black Coffee in new album art copy cat row" and I was not surprised at all because most South African artist lack authenticity and are always inspired by american artists.

I mean looking at DJ Black Coffee`s album, one can see that it looks the same as that of US artist Ledisi`s 2011 album. The South African DJ did not only copy the art work, he also copied the album name titled Pieces Of Me. This is the same DJ who is booked for +Coachella 2016.


There are a lot of Hip Hop artists in South Africa who do that, take Ricky Rick for example, the guy released his debut album Family Values with the same pose to that of US rapper The Game, this makes me question their talent. 

Some of these Hip Hop artists actually translate american rap songs into their mother tongue (Vernacular). When I listened to Anatii featuring AKA`s song titled The Saga it just reminded me of IloveMakonnen featuring Drake`s song Club Going Up On A Tuesday. The list is endless, WTF(Witness The Funk), Casper Nyovest are some of the artists who are guilty.

Elvovo Dirango did the same this with his album cover, the guy copied Jay Z. This is so embarrassing. 

Artists like +Simphiwe Dana, rappers Pro Kid and K.O should teach them a thing or two.


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