Tuesday, 2 February 2016

This Is How ZARA Is Pronounced

Thanks to +Rachel Besser the Fashion Market Editor at +Refinery29 now I know how to pronounce ZARA. I cannot believe I have been pronouncing it incorrectly all this time and not only me but even the most popular fashion Gurus in South Africa.

So according to Rachel, +Refinery29 who are currently in A Coruña, the Spanish retailer Zara is not pronounced “zah-ruh”. Not at all. Not even close.“How the hell do you pronounce Zara correctly, anyway? Luckily, one of the retailer’s communications reps was kind enough to set the record straight for us,” R29 asked.The answer? It’s pronounced “dzah-dah”. Wait, what?

For those of you who like your history, Zara is based in Artexio, Spain, where the dominant dialect is Northern Castilian and Z’s are pronounced as a soft “th” and their R’s more like a hard “d’ sound.
Huh! Who would have thunk it? asked Rachel

This is how I think ZARA is pronounced

Follow the link below to See how +Rachel Besser pronounced ZARA:

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