Thursday, 16 January 2014

Its A New Year!!

Honestly, to me it has not really sunked in that it’s the New Year until Tuesday when I got back to work and had to write a date 14.01.2014....maybe it’s because I had a fantastic holiday.

 My holiday began on the 28th when I arrived at Drakensburg for the +Smoking Dragon New Year's Festival 2013  which began on the 29th to the 31st of December. I loved everything about the Festival,  the stage setting, the hip and energetic people and the line up which consisted of +Naftali Of The Royal Family, MXO and The Peppercorns, Desmond & the Tutus, +shortstrawband, The Dollfins and Fruits & Veggies to name a few.

Naftali of the Royal Family

The Dollfins

Next stop was Port Saint Johns in the Eastern Cape`s wild coast, we stayed at +jungle monkey Backpackers overlooking the camouflaged ocean. There were a lot of activities, I got the opportunity to go hiking in the mountains and swam at the waterfall....I have goose bumps just writing about it. I really did enjoy my holiday and the people I was travelling with.

Happy New Year!!

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