Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Are those Jeans

I was watching +FashionTV the other day and they were interviewing models and what they are wearing.

The other model who was interviewed said she preferred comfort in whatever she`s wearing, when the cameraman asked her what she was wearing, she said she was wearing jeans, shirt and cardigan, But when I look at her outfit I saw leather pants?????

Then I wondered if these leather pants could possibly be jeans?

After seeing this picture of +Rihanna wearing red jeans that looked like leather pants, I immediately remembered the girl I saw on +FashionTV then it made sense.

And for me to see that they are actually pants, was because +Rihanna had her leather jeans folded at the bottom.

Now the wait is on for those Leather Jeans, let me know when you spot them in any South African clothing shop

Photos: By Mailonline

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